Charming Bridal Cottage

All brides would like a place to get themselves ready on their special day. Located right next to the chapel, our beautiful bridal cottage provides a charming space for the bride and bridesmaids. This delightful cottage is filled with a spacious dressing room, plenty of mirrors, and well-lighted.

The Cottage is included in our packages such as our Wedding Ceremony and Wedding Ceremony and Reception Hall packages.

Bridal wedding Cottage with decorations and flowers

The area around the Cottage is always well decorated with colorful flours and ornaments.

interior Bridal Cottage view

Spacious cottage dressing room with multiple sets of mirrors.

Mother getting baby ready for the ceremony in our Cottage dressing room

Having an ideal place to get a child ready for the Ceremony can be very important.

During winter weddings having a private warm place to get ready is necessary.
Chapel in the Pines can have some amazing sunsets waiting for you after your ceremony.
There are plenty of seating and photo opportunities around our cottage.

About the Cottage

A Must Have

Our brides love and desire a place to get ready right before their big wedding. The Bridal Cottage offers the perfect place for our bride to look and feel their best, situated right next to the chapel. The cottage also has restrooms for the guests.

Dressing Room

Our bridal dressing room is for the bride and bridesmaids to get dressed for the big day. Please have hair, makeup, and nails completed before arriving.

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