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Social Media Faux Paus: Wedding Edition

By Emily Capdevielle

Yes, you are so excited and the first thing you want to do is change that Facebook status to engaged and update the world on all of the wedding planning progress. However, you may want to take several precautions when it comes to sharing things on your social media newsfeeds.

When it comes to making the final decision on the bridal party, some friends or family members are bound to be left out of the equation. The last thing you want to do is blab all over Facebook who made the final cut and making the rest of your friends jealous and sour by making all sorts of comments. You want to make sure that while you are excited about who is in the bridal party, don’t make a scene about it to spare other people’s feelings.

Also, a convenient feature on social media websites is to make a group invite to special occasions. Although…when it comes to inviting people to bridal showers, the wedding rehearsal or most of all…to the big wedding day…you most definitely want to send out a formal invitation and not just add someone to a group invite. These are formal occasions, not a social mixer at a local bar. Making formal invitations also makes each guest feel more important by knowing that you or your bridal party took the time out to mail invites out for the various occasions leading up to the wedding day.

Another thing to consider is to avoid ANY photos leaking onto the Internet when it comes to finally trying on wedding dresses. The last thing you want is for someone to share a photo of a dress that you may choose to be THE dress and have your fiancée see it on his Facebook or Twitter feed! Make sure to clarify to people who attend any dress appointments that if they take pictures, not to post them on the Internet and not to share them if you want the dress to be a surprise on the big wedding day. You may want your bridesmaids to see the dress after you’ve made your final decision, but think about making it more of a surprise for the rest of your guests.

Overall, whenever you pin something on your Wedding board or find a great idea and post a photo on Facebook, there is something to be said about leaving a little mystery as to what the final day will be like for your guests. You want to wow them, not have them saying, “oh yeah I saw this on her Pinterest wedding board.” With smart phones and social media constantly keeping everyone connected, it’s hard to really keep such an important process to yourself and to not show every last wedding detail to the rest of the world in the midst of all the excitement.  However, on the big day when you see all of your guests “ooooing and ahhhing” over all of your hard work you put into the big day, you will be grateful that you didn’t spill all the details down to every flower that was used to the table decorations. Check out some of our pin boards here!