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Selecting the Music

By Emily Capdevielle

Picking the DJ or band is another vital step in the wedding planning process. Depending on whether you decide to go with a band or DJ, there are quite a few things to consider and bring up while hosting auditions or meeting with potential DJs.

Unless you already have a band in mind, choosing a band that has the versatility of a DJ can be challenging while trying to stay on track with your timeline. You want to be able to hire the person or people in charge of the music as soon as possible so they can become familiar with your playlist and any other necessary parameters. If the band specializes in a certain type of music but has the ability to learn some other songs that you would like to hear the day of the wedding, then timing is definitely of the essence in this situation. Although hiring a band may require some more work on your part, a band can add more of a unique touch to the reception since most couples choose to go with a DJ these days. Although more unique, a band may be more of a high-risk situation. If the lead singer suddenly comes down with the flu, do they have a back-up? A replacement may not be as easy to get. 

If you are looking into DJs, that doesn’t mean you automatically eliminate any kind of incidents either. Equipment can short out or maybe the speakers aren’t working properly. Always make sure that the DJ or whoever is in charge of the music is prepared for those “what if?” situations. While you are looking around and interviewing people, ask some of the following questions:

  • Have you ever fallen into a situation where some of the equipment didn’t work properly? What was done to rectify the situation?
  • What kind of equipment do you use? Are there options?
  • Have you done any weddings at a similar venue or at the same venue?
  • Are there any restrictions?
  • Do you charge per hour or offer a set price for the night?

 You can never ask too many questions, especially since music will be playing throughout most of the wedding reception. You want to make sure the person listens to what you want and do not want. Certain songs may need to be censored and make sure to communicate that to the DJ or band if a particular version of a song needs to be played over another.  The DJ or band helps the reception move along when it comes to playing the first dance song, the mother/son dance and father/daughter dance.

 Although it will be asked of you as the couple to provide the particular songs for the first dance, father/daughter dance and mother/son dance and for the ceremony you should also consider any restrictions you may want regarding the music that is played during the reception. If you don’t want a certain genre of music played, make sure to say that just-in-case a guest makes a request during the night. Clearly communicating with your DJ or band is the most important thing once they are hired. They can suggest songs to play during certain dances if you are looking for ideas as well. Or if you already have ideas in mind, start coming up with the music for the ceremony and a master playlist for the DJ to play for the reception so you and your guests can tear up the dance floor and celebrate! Check out our Recommended Vendors at Chapel in the Pines!