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Planning For the Sweet Tooth

By Emily Capdevielle

Here is something both the bride and groom will definitely enjoy….the cake tasting! Although these days, it’s not unusual for the bridal couple to either have a dessert table or cupcakes in place of a huge wedding cake. Either way, this part of the wedding planning is certainly delicious.  There are so many options out there, so why not jazz it up a little bit by exploring your options?

Cupcakes are a great and trendy option these days. With cupcakes, you not only are saving money (no cake-cutting fee), but you can choose a wide variety of flavors and decorations for them. The flavors that bakers can create are endless and leaving your guests with a little variety is never a bad thing. You can order cupcake flavors that may cater to the season such as pumpkin spice cupcakes for the fall or gingerbread cupcakes for a winter wedding! You can also have them arranged to look like a cake with a display in several tiers or think of another creative set-up for them if you have multiple types of cupcakes. Having cupcakes makes it less of a hassle to make sure everyone gets to enjoy a sizable dessert as well. Although going with this option, yes, you would be missing out on the one “cake-cutting” photo…but you can still smash a cupcake in each other’s faces if you’d like?

If cupcakes really aren’t up your alley, having a whole dessert table in the back with a slew full of various dessert options is another way to go.  Hiring a bakery to make fun items like chocolate-covered strawberries and pretzels, gourmet cookies, or even having a chocolate fountain with other food items to dip in the chocolate would be great for all of your guests. Having a lot of bite-sized desserts enables guests to create their own plate and is also more kid-friendly. You can always have a traditional cake in addition to a larger dessert table as well to have more of a variety

If you would rather have a traditional wedding cake for dessert, you can still be creative with it from the flavors to the embellishments and overall style of the cake. You can personalize the cake with a unique cake topper or a personalized monogram as well. Some brides may opt to have an additional groom’s cake that emulates his personality or any hobbies he may have whether it be a giant cake that looks like a football or musical instrument. The groom’s cake is usually something that has some element of humor in it so don’t think too seriously about it and have fun!

Whether a cake or other scrumptious pastry items are served at your wedding, make sure to taste a little bit of everything to make sure it is to your liking before you make any final decisions! If you feel like you need back-up for this venture, ask if you can bring some of your bridal party along to help out with choosing the flavors or filling.  Bon appétit! Check out our Wedding Vendors for dessert options and ideas.