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Apps for the Tech-Savvy Bride

wedding-app-planning-the-knot By Emily Capdevielle

Thanks to technology today, there are plenty of handy wedding apps and tools to help you plan your big day! Not everyone wants to drag a huge wedding binder around whenever they need to get down to some serious wedding planning business. These days, all of your wedding planning is one touch away and can fit into your back pocket. How about that for convenience? There seems to be so many wedding apps out there these days that it can take up some of your valuable wedding planning time so I did my best to sift through the duds and brought you the best to choose from!

Multipurpose Wedding Planning Apps

Some apps are driven toward bringing one task to you, but these master apps are multifunctional when it comes to wedding planning. There are plenty of these apps, however some of them are only available for certain mobile devices such as The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner. If you are using The Knot’s website to keep track of all of your wedding planning, this app is great since the app will automatically sync up with your account on This app allows you to access your budget, wedding checklist, find and save wedding vendors and access all of the other fabulous tools The Knot has to offer on their website via this nifty little app…and did I mention it’s free as of right now? Don’t get too excited though, if you are without an iPhone or iPad, you’re out of luck. BRIDES Wedding Genius 2.0 is another wedding planning tool for the iPhone from BRIDES magazine. The BRIDES Wedding Genius 2.0 app allows you to search for local resources, dresses, accessories or travel destinations. Ready, get set and download now!

Although these apps are currently only available for iPhone users, fret not Androiders!  WeddingWire for Android is a fabulous and free wedding planning tool that also allows you to sync your WeddingWire account to the app on your Android device. From the WeddingWire app, you can keep track of your budget, guest list, vendors, planned events or meetings, check lists and more! The Our Wedding Planner app is a free tool for brides-to-be that include wedding to-do lists, guest lists, a budget tool and a tool to keep track of your vendors.  Wedding Plandroid is another wedding management Android app that has all of the wedding planning features so you stay within that dreaded budget, stay on-task and maintain a running guest list. The Wedding Plandroid app also allows you to customize the budget to add any unique categories or items.

Bridal Gown ShoppingApps

Sure it’s always fun to sift through a huge stack of wedding magazines to tear out your favorite wedding dress gowns, but…if you would like to spare yourself some space, these bridal gown apps are right up your alley.  The Knot’s Wedding Dress Look Book is free and available for both iPhone and Android devices.  From this app, you can find the best wedding gowns for your body and style by filling in the settings. After you fill in all of the settings, you can check out all of the best dresses that fit your criteria and save your favorites!  Another useful bridal gown app is iBridalGown that is also available for Apple and Android devices.  With the iBridalGown app, it covers all of the need-to-know basics when it comes to the terms and definitions of certain silhouettes, necklines and fabrics.  Something that is different with the iBridalGown app, whenever you visit a bridal salon, you can enter the information about your favorite dresses, take photos of your favorite dresses you tried on and store all of the data. Although in order to gain the iBridalGown app’s full access to features, a small fee is required.

Wedding Registry Apps

Creating a wedding registry to multiple stores can be quite time-consuming and may be hard to keep track of all the registries if you’re going to several places.  The Wedding Registry app for Android and iPhone devices allows you to take the stress out of creating multiple registries and creates just one cloud-based registry that you can share with your friends and family.  This app includes a barcode scanner to add items to your registry from any store or website, categorizes entries, constant updates to the registry when changes are made and other customizable features.  The Wedding Registry app also automatically syncs up to the website version.  Gift Registry 360 is another registry app that is exclusively for the iPhone. Gift Registry 360 allows couples to add products from multiple retailers onto one list. Guests can view a couple’s list on the Gift Registry 360 website and then click on the item to purchase the item through the retailer’s website. Couples can also create Styleboards that include the products they add to their registry.


 These apps are great to set up and for your guests to use during your big wedding day! Instead of having those individual, one-time-use cameras placed at each table for guests to use, have them download one of these apps! Wedding Snap is a way for your guests to take photos on your day and upload them to various albums you can create through Wedding Snap’s website. When you sign up, you can choose a package that fits your price point and you will receive instructions and support to instruct your guests to then download the Android or iPhone app to take photos or video and upload them to your account. The Wedding Snap app also offers various photo filters to choose from as well. A free photo app option is WedPics. WedPics allows you to create your own app for your wedding, invite guests by sharing your “wedding ID” so they can upload photos to the various wedding albums you created. Guests can also comment and “love” photos that creates more of a social networking aspect to the app. The WedPics app is available for iPhone and Android users; however photos taken with a digital camera can also be directly uploaded to WedPics through the website as well. WedSocial is another free app for iPhone and Android users. WedSocial allows you to create your wedding website for free and have your guests upload their photos that will be displayed in a live photo stream on the website. All of these wedding photo apps are great to catch some of those candid shots while your photographer focuses on the more formal must-haves for your wedding album.

Even if you don’t consider yourself to be too “tech-savvy” try one of these apps out! They’re all very user-friendly and you can’t argue with free assistance in making your chaotic wedding planning life a little more organized and easier to access. Have you seen Chapel in the Pines new mobile site? Be sure to check it out on your mobile device!