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A Winter Wonderland Wedding

By Emily Capdevielle

 As the saying goes, it’s the most wonderful time of the year…so why not make it even more wonderful by tying the knot with a winter wedding? If you are in the midst of 

planning a winter wedding, there are some things to consider from the weather to looking into seaso

nal décor and attire to keep you and everyone in your wedding party warm!.


 The biggest obstacle you need to worry about is the weather and how far people need to travel to get where they need to be. If you are getting married in an area that is likely to be inundated with snow, you may want to look into hotels as close to the ceremony or reception site as possible or provide mass transportation for your guests from the hotel so people aren’t showing up really late due to weather conditions. Make sure your venue is accommodating when it comes to clearing the parking lots, entryways and has a place to for coats before they walk into the reception. 

 Color Scheme

 Trends for winter weddings involve very rich and vibrant colors such as royal blues, deep shades of purple and emerald green.  With everything covered in the white snow, these colors will be a great contrast for any photos you choose to be outdoors.  Metallic shades are also great options that coincide with the holiday season.  Winter is the perfect season to even incorporate black as a primary color for the wedding. 

Bridal Party Attire

For a winter wedding, you need focus on winter-friendly attire for your bridal party. For the bridesmaids, you need to consider the material and length of the dresses before you pick them out. Choosing fabrics such as heavy satin, velvet, taffeta or even wo

ol blends for the dresses will help hold in heat.  Extra accessories will be needed as well such as an elegant faux fur wrap, gloves that match the material of the dress or little jackets or boleros.  Also, don’t forget that you may want to opt for shoes with a closed toe and are as weather-friendly as possible

…which means…keep that heel as low as possible to avoid wipeouts on the ice!

The groomsmen don’t have to worry too much about their attire, as they usually are sport

ing a nice, warm sport coat or tuxedo jacket anyway.  To match any wraps or jackets the bridesmaids will be wearing, look into matching scarves for the groomsmen or even Santa hats or reindeer antler headbands for fun photo shoot opportunities. 


If the wedding date is before the holidays, you can have a lot of fun decorating with creative ideas for centerpieces that are both fun and elegant. You can choose to decorate mini Christmas trees or create a centerpiece that involves crystal ornaments or incorporating flowers that have a frosted look to them.  Options for table covers can also have a lace or glittery detail.  Adding white or silver holiday lights can also function as supplemental lighting décor. You can also place them along the ceremony aisle or around serving tables at the reception. Adding bursts of color and texture will give even more dimension to your wintery, white wedding.

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